about-usConveyancing is a risky business. The transfers represent massive value. For many people real estate titles represent their largest allocation of wealth, and are essential to their livelihood. Conveyancing Solicitors are important in reducing risks and ensuring you don’t lose wealth on account of human error.

It doesn’t help that, to cover all the potential variables, the laws relating to conveyancing are particularly complex. In the industry, we see a 4 year full time law degree with a major in the field only as a means of overcoming the entry barriers to understanding conveyancing law. A proper, professional understanding comes only with experience. Being qualified is necessary, but far from sufficient. Especially with the market always changing and financial options constantly varying, it takes experience and a proven track record to confidently navigate the field in the best interests of the client. It is for these reasons that we only allow experienced conveyancing solicitors to act independently on behalf of our clients, and you should only trust Conveyancing Solicitors to protect your rights and interests.

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