The main purpose of our conveyancers is to make the legal and structural process of a property transaction simple and easy. Often, there can be issues with the paperwork, which might need to be amended or certain clauses do not fully protect your interests. Therefore, it is essential that prior to entering into a contract you make sure you are able to fulfill the contract and are ready to be bound by it under fair terms and conditions.

Problem Solvers

In instances where you are unsure of what the terms and conditions are, the role of a conveyancer is to step you through the contract by doing a review of your contract and ensuring that you are able to meet critical dates. Critical dates can be dates such as the building and pest condition, finance condition or even a due diligence condition.


Conveyancers often act as representatives for you. Our conveyancers liaise with banks, other lawyers and conveyancers and with all relevant departments. With regard to a more administrative side, our conveyancers take great care of preparing documents needed to transfer, buy or sell property.

Overall, conveyancers with the backing of our lawyers help to ensure the process of a property transaction is a smooth as possible and relieves the stress of client. At Salerno Law Conveyancing Solicitors, you have the confidence that you will be guided and helped by very experienced conveyancers who have worked in the industry for more than 33 years with the human element being paramount.