What is Conveyancing? What does a Conveyancer do? When will I need a Conveyancing Solicitor or Conveyancer? These are questions that anyone buying or selling a property will often ask.

From a property law sense, the main purpose of conveyancing is to transfer the legal title or ownership of land and any improvements on that land, from one owner to another.

Conveyancing is usually carried out by a Seller and a Buyer entering into a Contract for Sale, which sets out all the terms of the agreement in writing. There are some occasions where a Contract is not used, such as property transfers between family members.

It is necessary for the Buyer to take steps to obtain proper ‘title’ to the property, including confirming that the Seller actually has the right to sell the property. Conveyancing is a process to ensure that the Buyer obtains the property and all the rights that go with it. The Buyer also needs to know about any restrictions or problems with the property in advance. The Seller wants to be sure that the transaction proceeds smoothly.

Conveyancing Solicitors are expert Conveyancers and specialise in doing conveyancing in Queensland. We recommend that you contact us about your conveyance in every case. We will check over your Contract before you sign to ensure that your rights are fully protected. Best of all, there is no charge for us to do so and you have peace of mind that you are proceeding with your conveyance in a correct and proper manner.

Happy HomeownersLike people, every property is different. However, you can rest assured by using Conveyancing Solicitors for your conveyance that professional standards and our service to you will always remain the same in accordance with our Client Service Guarantee.Conveyancing Solicitors are members of the Queensland Law Society and property law experts.

Conveyancing Solicitors are able to help you with your conveyancing Australia wide. Our team has many years experience in conveyancing across all Australian jurisdictions.

For more information about conveyancing, contact us on (07) 5575 8011 or by email to conveyancer@salernolaw.com.au.


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