You’ve decided it’s time to purchase property on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and now you need a Sunshine Coast conveyancing solicitor to help you with the sales process. But with so many out there claiming to be the best, how do you find the right conveyancing solicitor for your home or investment purchase?

Before we start, there is a difference between a conveyancer and a conveyancing solicitor. Conveyancers are great for straightforward property purchases – they specialise in the area and all they deal with is property sales. The benefit of a conveyancing solicitor? Not only can they assist you with your property sale, but they can also advise you in other areas such as tax implications, or any issues that may arise with selling a house due to divorce.

How to Find a Sunshine Coast Conveyancing Solicitor

There are of course plenty of ways to find a conveyancing solicitor on the Sunshine Coast; you could take the recommendation from the selling agent, or do a simple internet search. But there are some better ways to ensure you end up with the conveyancing solicitor you need.

Talk to your friends and family

It’s likely that many of your friends and family have purchased or sold a home, so why not ask who they recommend? It’s a good way to get recommendations from people you trust – they are likely to give you their real experiences instead of glossing over them and making it sound like everything went fine when it may not have.

Ask on online property forums

Property forums are another great place to find solid recommendations. These forums tend to be filled with investors who have purchased and sold a couple of homes, so they certainly have the experience to give you some good recommendations.

Interview them

Don’t be scared to set up appointments with a few conveyancing solicitors to find out which ones you feel comfortable with. You can take the time to go through their fees and services, ask any questions and generally get a feel for whether you could work with them.

Salerno Law Conveyancing Solicitors can help you with your conveyancing needs on the Sunshine Coast whether you are buying, selling or transferring property. Our experienced team provides professional advice and a personalised service at affordable rates. Contact us today – we’d love to chat with you about your next property transaction.